ENYA: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures

“I wrote a book about Enya and the mystery of taste. It’s a musician’s memoir and a treatise on unguilty pleasures.” — Chilly Gonzales


Chilly Gonzales is one of the most exciting, original, hard-to-pin-down musicians of our time. Filling halls worldwide at the piano in his slippers and a bathrobe—in any one night he can be dissecting the musicology of an Oasis hit, giving a sublime solo recital, and displaying his lyrical dexterity as a rapper.

In his book about Enya, he asks: Does music have to be smart or does it just have to go to the heart?

In dazzling, erudite prose Gonzales delves beyond her innumerable gold discs and millions of fans to excavate his own enthusiasm for Enya’s singular music as well as the mysterious musician herself, and along the way uncovers new truths about the nature of music, fame, success and the artistic endeavour.

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Watch Chilly Gonzales and good friend, pianist Malakoff Kowalski, LIVE at the Frankfurter Buchmesse Book Fair, talking about taste, reading from Gonzo’s first book, Enya: A Treatise on Unguilty Pleasures, and uncovering new truths about the nature of music, fame, success and the artistic endeavour…

Solo Piano III Notebook

Sheet music from “Solo Piano III” and other Gonzo classics from over the years

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Re-Introduction Etudes

Chilly Gonzales brings some of the joy back to the lapsed amateur pianist with his Re-Introduction Etudes: a book of 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces specifically designed to unlock musical mysteries for those who gave it up.
Each etude is introduced by a short text, in which Gonzo shares his point of view on scales, explains how melodies are designed, how modern pop harmony works … and divulges his own personal “shortcuts”. The companion CD of his recordings of the 24 pieces goes a long way to getting the music into the piano student’s head, so it can then spill out onto the keys and a tear-out poster strategically placed near the piano will inspire the musician in all of you!

Re-introduction Etudes


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Solo Piano II Notebook

Learn to play all 14 songs of « Solo Piano II »
50 pages sheet music book written by Chilly Gonzales


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Bande Originale with Pierre Gagnaire

“Music is in a meal’s tempo, with its thick and thin textures, syncopated rhythms and breaks; hot and cold, a flowing broth…”,
says Pierre Gagnaire.
Hence, it was only natural for chef Pierre Gagnaire and musician Chilly Gonzales to join forces to compose dishes and their corresponding music. The soundtrack (La Bande Originale) inspires and is inspired by the creation of a dish. It is an exceptional adventure that culminates in the joint creative accomplishment of two artists. Through 175 simple recipes to take you from morning to dawn, this is the three Michelin starred chef’s first true cookbook. Coupled with an hour of original music to appreciate the eclecticism, vivacity and colorful humour of the Canadian musician.

Solo Piano Notebook Volume 2 (comes with DVD)

Sheet music from “Solo Piano” and other Gonzo classics from over the years
PLUS full “Solo Piano presented in Piano Vision” concert from 2005


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Solo Piano Notebook Volume 1

Sheet music from “Solo Piano” plus “Empty Music”, unreleased track

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