#Gonzervatory2019 is on!

Meet the Gonzervatorians: Carola Zelaschi, Danielle, Djibé, Kwela, Mascha, Vinniw who arrive today in Cologne, Germany and have already collaborated remotely to write and record their first song…


#Gonzervatory2019 D-1

Very excited to have the Gonzervatorians arriving tomorrow!
We’ll have YouTube daily debrief videos, IG stories and Facebook lives so stay tuned…

#Gonzervatory2019 D-1

Very excited to have the Gonzervatorians Carola Zelaschi, Danielle, Djibé Diawara, Kwela, @maschalol & Vinnie arriving tomorrow!We’ll have YouTube daily debrief videos, IG stories and Facebook lives so stay tuned… #Gonzervatory2019

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 #Gonzervatory2019 D-3: Don’t Be late to school

Class starts Monday 28th October: We’ll have YouTube daily debrief videos, IG stories and Facebook lives… Subscribe so you don’t miss moments like last year’s jam session with Fred Wesley

The Gonzervatory – Facebook Live #4

Grosse jam session au Gonzervatory aujourd’hui : Fred Wesley et SoCalled jouent aux côtés de @Chilly Gonzales et de ses 7 résidents.

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#Gonzervatory2019 D-6

With just 6 days to go before #Gonzervatory2019 starts, meet this year’s Gonzervatorians

🇦🇷 Carola Zelaschi 🥁🎻🎤
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Danielle 🎷🎤
🇸🇳 Djibe 🎤🎸
🇿🇦 Kwela 🎤🥁
🇺🇦 Mascha 🎤🎹
🇩🇪 Vinnie 🎸🥁 🎤

And (re-)watch their application videos:

The #Gonzervatory2019 shows are ON SALE !

💥 28 OCT – The Convocation Concert @ Kulturkirche Köln 

💥 8 NOV – The Graduation Concert @ Kantine Köln 

At the Convocation Concert, this year’s Gonzervatorians will be presented to the audience, while Gonzo will be reciprocally introducing himself to the students, by performing a show retrospective of his musical life (from the beginnings to now) and a journey through the classics of his repertoire.

At the Graduation Concert, the Gonzervatorians will finally be ready, after 2 weeks of intensive training, to accompany Gonzo as a superband to re-interpret his classics as well as new compositions.


The 2019 Gonzervatorians are now announced !

Check them out in this final playlist 👉 https://bit.ly/2ImRkRI

🇦🇷 Carola Zelaschi 🥁🎻🎤
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Danielle 🎷🎤
🇸🇳 Djibe 🎤🎸
🇿🇦 Kwela 🎤🥁
🇺🇦 Mascha 🎤🎹
🇩🇪 Vinnie 🎸🥁 🎤

Congratulations to them and many thanks to the other shortlisted candidates #VeryDifficultDecisions #Gonzervatory2019


Check out all the shortlisted candidates on our playlist:

Full list in alphabetical order:

Andres Quezada
Artuan de Lierrée
Carola Zelaschi
Guitong Li
Isla Panorama
Juan Pereyra
Mike Evin
Nebyu Yohannes
Sister LB

Congratulations and many thanks to the 500+ applicants #difficultdecisions


💥 The 20 shortlisted candidates have now been asked to each compose (or improvise) a piece exploring the theme of Summer🌴


💥 They have until the 5th of June to submit a one-take lo-fi video of them performing their piece, which will be shared the next day on our website and social networks 🧐


💥 The final list of selected students will be published on our website and social networks the 17th of June 🎉

About The Gonzervatory



So hear The Call and APPLY HERE NOW



In 2018, Grammy Award-winning composer and entertainer Chilly Gonzales called all performing musicians to join him in a journey into the unknown: The Gonzervatory, a music school where freedom and fun coexist with discipline and reverence. The selected students were musicians from all over the world. They were trained, they were self-taught. They were acoustic, electronic. They were singers and rappers and instrumentalists.


This year, Chilly Gonzales is proud to present the second Gonzervatory, an all-expenses-paid 10-day music performance workshop taking place in his hometown of Cologne, Germany this Fall. Five selected students will win a trip to hone their musical skills in preparation for a final concert led by Chilly Gonzales himself.


The Gonzervatory is open to every musician 18 or older, from all parts of the globe, who write and perform their own material: composing instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, rappers, producers. Together with their professors, students will explore Musical Humanism, audience psychology and what it means to be a performing musician in 2019



At the Gonzervatory, students arrive to a Convocation Concert on Monday 28 October 2019. Their first meeting with Chilly Gonzales will be… on stage!


During the workshop, students will live and work together in a musical home created at Cologne’s own 25hours Hotel, The Circle. Each day starts with one-on-one coaching sessions with Gonzo, followed by afternoon masterclasses from special guests selected from his friends and collaborators. Each evening the students rehearse together, learning and practicing each other’s songs for the Graduation Concert on Friday 8 November 2019.


The experience, with all its inevitable struggles and triumphs, will be documented and shared with viewers all over the world. Livestreams and daily video debriefs will allow audiences to witness personal exchanges in real time and develop an emotional investment in the participants’ musical progress.